Maintaining node

You can weekly acquire WTOKYO.|
Payout is every Friday. Please refer to the video for leasing.

Reward plans

Just lease your WAVES.
Pay for what you want.

Choose the most suitable node for your needs with 0.001 WAVES.

Click to copy LPoS Address

LPoS Address: 3PPRLpTAn9ku11YpPh1YfZcojCgopeet6er

You get mined WAVES. The payout also includes Miner Reward Token if granted.

・WAVES 100%
・MRT 90%

In order to confirm the data related to leasing, you need to enter your waves address used for from Leasing Balance 1 on the Useful page.

Leasing fee: 0.001 WAVES
Leasing cancel fee: 0.001 WAVES
Date: every Friday

What wavesplatform does?

Provide solutions for storing, trading, managing and issuing your digital assets, easily and securely.

User Friendly

Nice UI easy to use even for people who are not familiar with blockchain.

On-chain Scaling

Processing transaction accelerated by NG-protocol and completing functions.

Blockchain Easy

Abundantly implementing useful and practical APIs.

SVG Arrow

It is fast and easy. The official client is accessible to the all of wavesplatform.

If want to use online client, you can access it from here.


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We will report payouts and noteworthy events.

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